Consorcio internacional

Born in 1992 as a Steel Service Center , processing and marketing cut sheets , hot strip , cold and galvanized with capacity of 10 thousand tons a month.

We operate in Central America as a visionary and futuristic organization that believes and invests in the quality of professional capacity, and the union and Central development. Prepared to face the globalization of economies and compete internationally; We offer our customers quality products, certified by international standards. Using cutting edge technology, modern management and investments.

Therefore, we are leaders in the steel branch of flat steel products in Central America, projecting to the overall steel industry.


First and only cold rolling mill in Central America

1000 Tm

Under the flat steel products import substitution model Consorcio Internacional thus becomes the first and only cold rolling mill in Central America offering Raw Materials for manufacture steel products , with a production capacity of 150,000 MT a year


In order to offer the best quality steel products to our customers, Consorcio Internacional implements international standards to our production processes and managing to satisfy the most demanding local and international market. These processes include:

Pickling Line

This process aims at the removal of scale formed in the casting process.

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Cold Rolling Mill

The aim of the rolling process is the reduction of thickness of the sheets to trade measures.

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Annealing Line

This process changes the material properties, such as hardness, yield strength and tensile strength.

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It is the application of specific pressures on the surface of the sheet applied through work rolls.

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Service Center

Service Center (CS) is the area in which the coil material is converted into strip or sheet material.

This area is divided into Hot Service Center and Cold Service Center according to the nature of the material being cut.

  • Installed capacity Cold Service Center is 8,640Tm monthly.
  • Installed capacity Hot Service Center is 18,000Tm monthly.

Both capabilities depend on the mix of thickness requested by our customers.

10 Tm
A Month
10 Tm
A Month


Our steel products such as rolls, plates, Plates and Strips
They are backed by international quality standards.


We know how important it is for our customers to receive their orders on time so our production processes are ruled not only by the quality but also under the JUST IN TIME concept that ensures prompt delivery to the customer.

Km. 71 y medio, Cantón Santa Emilia, Carretera hacia Acajutla, Sonsonate. El Salvador. PBX +503 2429-8600 FAX +503 2451-2900